Structure visualization

It is possible to evaluate the outcome of the application of your structure already during the development phase of your project. In order to be able to fine-tune your structure, we create images of detailed CAD-data. This illustrates the structure application process and individual control parameters in detail. You may consider the structure visualization as a first "proof" in the pre-printing stage. What you see is what you get.


It is possible to incorporate various individual material allocations as well as light reflections during the step of visualizing the application of the structure. We consider visualizations and comparisons important means of communication in all areas of the development and application of structures.

A visual image of the structure allows the early identification of possible problems to emerge during the production processes prototyping or tool construction. At the same time, visualization of the structure represents a simple opportunity to align the structure precisely to the shapes provided and to adjust them in their depth and size, if required.


With Structurate, the structure application is evaluated in the course of multiple structure visualizations and by the production of 3D control data at varying resolutions.


Gloss control

Different structures with identical incidence of light

Structure, bright

Structure, dark