Structure application

How does the structure application process work? Our structures are already applied during the conceptual phase. Your product or tool geometry is read into a CAD program. Subsequently, the data is processed in such a manner as to prepare the product for the application of the structure. During the application process, the existing geometry of the surface is divided and deformed in such a way as to make the pattern and grain of the structure visible.


The deformation (shape) here depends on and is controlled by several parameters. The comprehensive options of controlling the application of structures also include the exact control of dependencies. Generally, the following parameters are considered for structure application:


• structure size and degree of fineness
• depth of the grain in relation to the surface normal
• consideration of the draft angle
• structure fade-out on the material level
• cross-fading and fade over between different structures
• partial application of structures (masking)
• incorporation of two dimensional logos and logotypes



Structures are applied on CAD data already during the design phase. Structurate workflow