Generating 2D data

Which data can be generated and supplied with Structurate ?


Depending on each individual request we will create pictorial masters of your structures which can then be integrated into your 2D production process, such as for laser engravings, even application of structures on plain surfaces, etching, rolling, stamping or for transfer films. When providing 2D structures we will supply matching gray scale image data in the file formats: bmp, jpg, tif, psd, png (other formats may be available upon request)


Image-based data is suitable for the reproduction as well as for the creation of printing foils, transfer- or etching films.


Generating 3D data

The actual advantage of Structurate is that 3D geometric data is generated in the course of structure creation. This geometric data can be used for rapid prototyping / tooling and subsequently in the course of tool production by means of CNC or laser erosion. The resolution and accuracy of a structure play an important role in the generation of 3D data.


The data volume generated during the application of a structure is directly contingent on the desired resolution as well as the surface content of the designated surface. Our finished 3D data is available in the following formats: stl, ply, obj (other formats may be available upon request)


Data volume (3D)

Volume/data for structure application on 1.0 cm² at varying resolutions <1 mmStructurate, data production