How are our structures created ?

We predominantly use mathematically calculated “procedurals” from our library of surface structures to create new 3D structures. These are volumetric materials which have been algorithmatized and can thus be endlessly expanded over space without exposing the typical effects of repetition. Procedural patterns are applied seamlessly and regardless of the existing topology of the underlying surface geometry.

What are the possibilities ?

Each structure is unique. It can be visually modified and adjusted by means of its different parameters. The joining of individual structure parameters makes is possible to combine several Structurate surface structures while precisely controlling their appearance.


Two dimensional structures

In addition to developing 3D procedural surface structures, we also feature the design and application of regular 2D structures, so-called pictorial structures and patterns. These kinds of structures are created from our customers’ master- and image data.




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A typical example of a 3D procedural structure applied to a sphere. Struktur, prozedural