Prototypes, tool- and mold production

The production of prototypes and limited production runs represents a critical phase in the course of product development. Traditional procedures such as the application of grain by means of films or material removal by means of chemical processes have proven themselves effective over the course of the last few years. However, these methods do not allow the low cost and speedy comparative application onto mockups and prototypes.


By using “digitally” applied structures at an early stage, new opportunities and methods arise for the evaluation and technical improvement of the application of a structure during the pre-production phase. CAM data which is developed out of our structures enables the production of CNC-controlled structured components in only one production step.


What are the limits ?

CNC-based production is limited by factors such as maximal resolution and accuracy of milling systems. Furthermore, the volume of 3D data to be processed provides an element of limitation. Due to their variability, Structurate structures are able to go far below the tolerance ranges of traditional CAM systems.


This calls attention to new technologies and methods of production of surface structures such as 3D laser engraving or laser melting processes. Integrating these processes in the future represents an important focus of our work.


Milling a structure in aluminium with spherical cutter, 0.5 mm