Design and model making

Structurate was created by industrial designers. It is intended for use in industrial design, product design and model making. Until now, the selection of structures at the beginning of the design phase was limited to sample plates and stock ledger cards. Thus, it was not possible to view the structures applied on their “designated object”.

Structurate offers the opportunity to evaluate respective structures directly by means of the CAD-based 3D dataset of the product. Furthermore, it is possible to adjust the structure precisely to the form and particularities of the object. Thus, Structurate provides an important visual tool in the decision-making process by allowing pictorial and geometric comparisons between different structures, depth of the grain, and types of application.


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Flexibility as a result of CAD data

In addition to providing a pictorial output of the application’s outcome, the geometric generation of structures represents an additional step towards production capability. The use of CAD data throughout, from design via prototyping up to the manufacturing process and analysis of the components, ensures a smoother production process than had been the case for previous methods of application. Thus, if there are changes in the components as a result of a change of the production run, it is possible to reapply the structure at low costs and in a timely manner.


Casts of a surface application for haptic control generated by CNC

milling into Polyurethane