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For direct or indirect links to third party web sites which are outside of the owner’s sphere of responsibility, the owner is liable only in the event that the owner has knowledge of these contents and if it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent use of illegal contents. The owner hereby expressly confirms that the linked pages did not contain any illegal contents at the time the link was established; as far as was recognizable. The owner of this web site has no control over the current or future organization, contents or authorship of the pages this website is linked to. Thus, the owner hereby explicitly distances himself from all contents of all linked pages which were altered after the link was established.


This statement shall also be valid for all links established within the owner’s own online content as well as any third-party entries into the guestbooks, discussion fora, and mailing lists furnished or set up by the owner.


Only the owner of the site with which this web site is linked is liable for illegal, inaccurate, or incomplete contents and especially for damage or loss of any kind in connection with the use or disuse of such information. The owner of this website who referenced the respective publication by means of a link is not to be held liable.




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